Detailed Features

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Tournament Website

  • Site is fast, easy to use and mobile-friendly.
  • Website is hosted on cloud server to easily accommodate large spikes in traffic.
  • Provide visitors with all tournament information online which is more convenient and accessible than Pdf or Word documents. All web pages are printer-friendly and easier to share through social networks.
  • Scores and player stats (most goals) are live on website as soon as they are recorded by scorekeeper.
  • Time of last update is posted on schedules for everyone to view.
  • Schedule and statistics table scroll horizontally for easy access on mobile phones.
  • Teams can easily find their precise match locations through latitude and longitude link to Google map on each field name.
  • Option to use website just for schedules and registration with link to your external website.

Coach Private Login Area

  • One-click registration for coaches with an existing account (from previous tournaments using our service) and rosters are pre-filled.
  • Coaches can add/edit/manage multiple teams.
  • Coaches can upload paper roster.
  • Coaches submit official rosters online which are then closed to further updates 1 day before tournament begins.
  • Coaches can invite other team staff to manage team information.
  • Coaches can download pre-filled printable game sheets (saves time, reduces errors).
  • Coaches can print invoice for payment by cheque/cash or pay instantly online with credit card using Stripe.

Administration Features


  • Overview of key statistics, such as: number of registered teams to date, number of teams that haven't paid yet and number of teams that haven't submitted rosters.
  • Publish schedules for live viewing (admin can view before the status is live).


  • Table of teams including team name, coach name, team gender, team age level, payment status, paper roster status and number of players activated for team roster.
  • Edit detailed team information (team name, payment info, coach name, gender, current age group, etc...).
  • Record manual credit card, debit card, cheque or cash payments manually and view instantly which teams haven’t paid.
  • Table of inactive teams (for refund purposes or teams on waiting list).
  • Search or sort team table by team name, coach name, gender, age group, payment status, paper roster or online roster.
  • Download all team info in Excel spreadsheet.


  • Table of all registered members including name, email, phone and current role (admin, scorekeeper or regular member).
  • Edit member name, email or phone number.
  • Change current role to admin, scorekeeper or regular access).
  • Assign specific field locations to scorekeeper members.
  • Delete members.
  • Download all member info in Excel spreadsheet.


  • Email all members, staff of all teams, teams that haven't paid yet, teams with no online roster or teams on waiting list.
  • Send emails to specific age groups.
  • Preview message before sending.
  • Login info and your tournament signature is automatically appended to each email.
  • Option to cancel email campaign before being sent (within 5 minutes).
  • View status of previously sent campaigns.
  • Option to modify your tournament signature.
  • Email notifications are automatically sent to remind coaches of approaching deadlines (payment, rosters, and request for changes).
  • Update email notification alerts are automatically sent out to coaches in specific groups when there is a change to published schedules.
  • Team staff and admin receive email notification of disqualified players (red card infractions).
  • Email notification automatically sent to team staff when schedules are changed to live status.


  • Easy grouping of teams with function to drag and drop into appropriate tiers or divisions.
  • Automatically groups sorted teams for crossover type pools.
  • Once teams are grouped, automatically set-up matches by choosing group type (i.e. 4 team round robin).
  • Easy scheduling with drag and drop of matches onto allotted field times.
  • Modify calendar start time, set match length (5 minute increments), block reserved field times, filter to view specific fields for current day on one page and view info about special team scheduling requirements.
  • Easily swap pools for two teams.
  • Download all match info in Excel spreadsheet.


  • Multiple scorekeepers can enter match scores from any location.
  • Assign all or specific fields to scorekeepers.
  • Enter card infractions (optional but required for notification to admin and team staff of player disqualifications).
  • Enter goals for each player (optional but required for top scorers' widget).
  • Medal matches are automatically filled with appropriate teams after last regular game is scored.
  • Option to archive matches that have been scored.
  • Download all scored match info in Excel spreadsheet.
  • Print blank and team match sheets.


  • Choose design of website from several different themes (coming soon).
  • Upload logo for website, printable match sheets and invoices.
  • Change background image of website for themes with that option.
  • Change main color of website.


  • Add/edit/delete pages of website
  • Insert images into content or link to files on Dropbox with editor similar to Microsoft Word.
  • Change status of pages to live, hidden (no link to page from menu) or draft (no access).
  • Activate sidebar if available for page layout or theme.
  • Various widgets are available to add to pages such as social media wall, automatic field location list, archive table of previous year results, etc...
  • Various widgets are available to add to sidebar such as tournament logo, custom text, embedded Twitter feed, automatic field location list, sponsor logos with links to sponsor websites, etc...


  • Modify tournament name, time zone, phone, cheques payable to, address, first day of tournament, last day of tournament, last day of registration, early bird expiry date (optional), when payment is due and when roster is due.
  • Add/edit/delete field or venue locations. Add Google map link for precise location using latitude and longitude.
  • Set name of age groups and price, early bird discount (if applicable), coupon code, coupon discount and coupon expiry date for each age group.
  • Set category (Tier/Division) name, discount per category (optional) and option to apply early bird discount for specific categories.
  • Create archives of tournament results for displaying on archive page (requires archive widget to display on page). Edit previous year archives.
  • Reset system settings after tournament has ended to prepare for next tournament date.

Support We Provide

  • Unlimited email technical support for your coaches.
  • Unlimited email and phone technical support for tournament admin.
  • In-page help documentation and support website with video examples (coming soon).
  • Receive detailed website statistics report after event (useful for securing sponsors).
  • Tournament Promotion - When your registration page is live, we send an email to coaches on our global list that have opted in to be notified. NOTE: this can add thousands of dollars to your tournament revenue!

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